Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Software for Luthiers - Third Time Lucky?

One of the frustrations with the first two products I offered for sale was that feedback from prospective customers was a scarce commodity. The few comments I did receive were made following purchase and were invariably positive, however, while it's always nice to receive such comments, they're actually less useful than those I might have hoped to receive: those which might offer constructive criticism, or indicate why a purchase wasn't made!

Thankfully, my recently released product, "Luthier's Journal", has attracted some active participation from potential customers. They have either suggested improvements to existing features or, more significantly, asked for new features which should result in wider appeal.

With their suggestions in mind, a new product has emerged which provides musical instrument builders and repairers with a software application tailored specifically to their needs. As well as the means to record instrument details, Luthier's Workbench will incorporate features which address the business needs of the professional builder or repairer. While Luthier's Workbench won't seek to compete with accounting packages such as MYOB or Quickbooks, it will allow the creation of quotes, invoices and receipts, as well as the tracking and reporting of outstandings.

With such encouraging involvement from the target market soon after the release of Luthier's Journal, I'm hopeful that both applications will evolve over time and not only continue to satisfy my customers' needs, but at last contribute something to my own success!


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